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Created 21-Apr-07
Modified 21-Apr-07
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Out of respect for Janet McBarnes who was also photographing this, I'm not really trying to sell these. I strongly suggest you check out her stuff. However if you do really want prints of anything, here is an order form which you can print out and get to me:

The pictures are ordered chronologically by dance. Friday pictures are first, followed by Saturday. Mouseover the upper right corner to see date/time

I don't have time to really go through and work on all these pictures, so they're not edited and the quality isn't what it can be. Usually I lighten them up and remove some of the red color cast and the graininess.

This is only a sampling: I took 1800 pictures over 2 nights, I drastically cut the number down and there are still a lot. Unfortunately in this process, some decent pictures got cut out.

I trust you'll enjoy what's here though.